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Welcome to the Rotadata website

Rotadata products and services are used by companies worldwide to record and measure pressure, temperature, strain, flow and vibration in the fan, combustor, turbine and compressor sections of gas turbine development rigs and engines, compressors and automobile engines.

The quality and manufacturing expertise we provide for our instruments is based on aerospace standards that we have been providing for over thirty years.

Working with our many different customers including automobile engine, aero-engine, industrial gas turbines, wind turbines and compressor manufacturers has enabled us to produce a wide diversity of instrumentation. The instrumentation can be designed to operate at temperatures in excess of 1,000°C and at rotational speeds up to 130,000 revolutions per minute.

Products include: Aerofoil Instrumentation, Rakes Probes and Pitot Tubes, High Temperature Instrumentation and Strain Gauging, Actuated Traverse Systems, Gas Analysis Traverse Systems, Tip Clearance and Gap Measurement, Optical Pyrometry, Digital Telemetry Systems, NSMS Blade Tip Timing